Five Corners recognises that we, and our clients, operate in a highly regulated industry, and as such, have a high commitment to quality. We have designed and implemented a quality management system based on the principles of ISO 9001, complying with ISO 14155, relevant US FDA CFRs and ICH GCP. Our standard operating systems are regularly audited by our clients, as well as ourselves in accordance with our internal auditing requirement. Whilst we have implemented our own quality management system, we are also able to adopt our client standard operating procedures where required for specific clinical studies.


Our Quality Policy Statement

We recognise the critical importance of quality across the highly regulated medical industry in which we operate. We are therefore committed to providing a superior quality of service to our partners and clients in an effort to support their clinical and regulatory activities as best we can. To achieve this we have implemented a quality management system designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and the applicable elements of ISO 13485. Our Management Team is committed to monitoring continuing effectiveness of our Quality Management System in being able to meet both our partner expectations and our own internal quality objectives. This is a commitment shared amongst all of our team members who fulfil their roles in accordance with our Quality System requirements.