Distributor Searches

In Australia and New Zealand, like every other market in the world, selecting the right distribution partner is a process which is critical to successful product commercialisation. Both markets have a sophisticated health care system which can only be effectively navigated through by selecting the right distribution partner.

We have extensive experience in helping medical device and biotechnology companies find their distribution partners in these regions.

How can Five Corners assist?

By firstly understanding your product and your target market. We then help you undertake a full assessment of the Australian and New Zealand markets by:

  • Determining which regions and sectors should be entered first
  • What competing products already exist in each market
  • What regulatory and product compliance requirements, including hospital purchasing requirements, currently exist
  • What Reimbursement is available and what future Reimbursement Strategy should be considered
  • What would be an ideal distributor profile

After this first stage is complete we plan and execute a tailored distributor search using the following approaches:

  • Performing a pre-qualification of known Australian and New Zealand medical distributors based on your own company needs
  • Undertake screening of pre-qualified distributors and evaluate experience, current product portfolio, service level provided and perception in the market
  • Perform face-to-face evaluations to determine a "short list" of qualified medical distribution candidates for you to interview
  • Perform on-site evaluation of "short listed" candidates to assess business operations incorporating evaluation of logistics, storage capabilities, sales processes and clinical expertise in the relevant field

We can then make final recommendations to you based on the above evaluations and support you in face-to-face discussions with candidates prior to final selection.